Saturday, 18 March 2017

Empire Army

Back in August last year I posted here showing the progress of my WHFB Empire army, well things have moved on a little and I've painted a few more figures so here's an update of the army so far.

Calling it an army is a bit misleading as it's still just a collection of figures, but it would be playable if a little unorthodox as it's led by a couple of Vampires.  I could fluff it up by saying that the Vampires have the unit commanders enthralled and the army must keep fighting battles to provide a supply of prisoners to sustain their dark mistresses, but the truth of it is that I got a little distracted by the Deadcember challenge on the Oldhammer Forum and the Warhammer Empire forum at the end of last year along with the Napoleonic diversion last autumn so the Empire got temporarily shelved.
So, say I.  As obviously no one will ask, "Why the resurgence in interest in the Empire Steve?"  Well I have decided to take a little excursion to Newark on the last week of July and visit Bring Out Your Lead at Foundry and I need some toys to take with me and I've been planning what to take.
Now my painting falls into 2 categories, I work away from home most weeks and I take paints and figures away with me, saddo that I am, but hey, it's better than going on the drink every night or just watching TV.  The 2 pike blocks are examples of during the week painting.  Then I have my weekend painting this is generally painted to a higher standard although you'd never tell by the photos.
After at least 2 minutes contemplation I have decided on the following plan of attack.  During the week, I'll paint up a 3rd pike block, non other than  Fernado Pirazzo and his Lost Legion (actually they are not lost as I know exactly where they are), and a unit of empire pistoliers.  Then for "Something for the weekend Sir" I'll finish the 10 Kossars I've started, taking that unit up to 15 figures.  Then I'll paint another 6 Winged Lancer troopers making 2 units of 9 plus a mounted Ar-Ulric and either Luthor Huss or an Ice Queen making 2 units of 10.  I'll also need an suitably impressive model to lead it.  I also need to pretty up the bases and put the flags, banners and decals on.  Once that's done I'll take another look and see what I want to do next, but then there's 40K, Necromunda and who knows what else.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Movement Trays

I finished off the 2 movement trays for my 2 completed units of Pike.  I made them from plasi-card and textured them with sand.  Then sprayed them with a can of brown gloss enamel paint.

As you can see. the front of the trays have a lip that extends 40mm beyond the front rank of the unit, this is so the pikes don't impact onto the opposing figures in the unlikely event that they ever make it onto a table and into combat.  I could also place skirmishing or missile armed figures at the front of the unit, or to keep the unit strength consistent with the footprint of the tray pay the points for an extra 2 ranks and "count as" 36 figures instead of 24.

 Ricco's Republican Guard and Leopold's Leopard company in all their glory.

I'm currently painting another 10 Kossars with full command and I'm about to start 5 Voland's Venators including Voland and I'll post some pictures when I've finished them.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Leopard Company finished

I finished the last 6 Leopard Company this week including the lad himself.  Leopoldo di Lucci.

I'm busy spraying the movement trays for these and Ricco's Republican Guards, so I'll post some more soon


Saturday, 4 February 2017

WFB Empire Great Cannon and even more Leopard Company

First post of the year and I am starting with the Empire Great Cannon.

The model was first released in 1992.  '92 was a land mark year for the humans of the old world, this is when the Empire stopped being an eclectic mix of random anachronistic figures and became a cohesive faction with it's own recognizable identity, which was for the most part based on a period of European history known as The Italian Wars 1495-1559 with some of the more fantastic weapons and contraptions being inspired by the ideas of Leonardo da Vinci (1452 -1519)
I assembled the cannon as it was released with the solid wheels, then fixed it to a 100mm x 50mm GW chariot base and painted it to represent a 15th Century cannon, cast in bronze and mounted on a painted wooden gun carriage.

I already had an Engineer Leonardo figure painted which could act as the engineer, so all that remained was to paint the 2 crewmen.  

These are the original crewmen from '92 who could represent soldiers from the province of Averland, in truth though I got a little to caught up with actual Landsknechts  Landsknechts were combatants in The Italian Wars, so my crew are probably not as fantastic as they could be.  The figures themselves are beautiful and a joy to paint and in my humble opinion are some of the nicest figures ever produced.  I have the original engineer that came with the cannon,  I will paint it when I paint Engineer Leonardo's swivel gun.

Another 6 Leopard Company 
18 down and only another 6 to go!

That's it for now.  Thanks for looking

Saturday, 31 December 2016

More Leopard Company

I'm finishing off the year with another 6 Leopold's Leopard Company, this makes 12 painted with 12 left to paint.  These have been complete for a week or so but I've just got around to posting the photos mostly due to the annual over indulgence of the festive season.  All in all 2016 has been pretty productive so I hope I can keep up production in 2017.


Friday, 23 December 2016

Mounted Vampire

The mounted vampire that came with the foot version I'd painted for the last post.  It's mounted on a pegasus minus the wings from the old "Empire Hero on a Pegasus".  I rushed to finish the mount today as I wanted it complete before Christmas and today will be my last painting opportunity until after the holidays.  I'm entering it in the Oldhammer forum Deadcember painting Challenge, I've also found out that there's also a Deadcember Challenge on Warhammer Empire so I'll also post it there.

All that remains is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


A Lahmian Vampire I painted at the weekend.  I was going to enter it into the Oldhammer Forum Deadcember 2016 Painting Challenge but decided against it.  I do however plan to paint  the mounted version for the challenge.  A couple of painting firsts for me with this figure, the first vampire and the first time I've tried to paint sheer fabric.  I'm pretty happy with the way that it's turned out, but I think I can improve on the sheer fabric, and the snake looks a bit flat.

Thanks for looking